Queen's Cup Steeplechase
Silver Jubilee
April 30, 2022

Tickets on Sale Now
Come Experience the Thrill of the 'Chase, Again!


Having been placed on “pause” for two years due to the pandemic, with full support of our Race and Course Sponsors, the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase will return Saturday, April 30, 2022 and with a full audience! Though the pandemic is far from over, attending a steeplechase race is an outdoor event and by its very nature, a tailgating event which includes tailgating “pods” (who would have thought?). The Queen’s Cup is a RAIN OR SHINE event and the races run regardless of the weather. We encourage everyone to join us for our Silver Jubilee Anniversary, but only consider attending at your own health risk. As always, once a purchase is made, there will be no refunds!

Thank you again for your continued support of this wonderful spring tradition in the Charlotte region. Let’s all hope for better days ahead. We’ll see you at the Silver Jubilee of the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase, the Last Saturday of April.



For the eighth year, the Charlotte Steeplechase Foundation, producers of the annual Queen’s Cup Steeplechase Races, will be partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association of Western North Carolina as its exclusive beneficiary of the April 30, 2022 races. Their mission is “to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health”.