Do’s and Don’ts

Get to the Finish Line Safely

In order to have the best day possible, please familiarize yourself with all the guidelines and restrictions.  We want you to have a spectacular day, enjoy the guests around you and make new friends, but also provide a safe environment for all our patrons, staff, volunteers, horses, and jockeys.


  • Make sure your vehicle meets size restrictions for tailgate area
  • Distribute all credentials before leaving home.  Everyone over 12 years of age MUST have a badge. Children 12 and under are free ONLY in General Admission areas (Crest, Croup, Old Hill Top, Withers, Valley View, and the Meadows).  All large hospitality tents (Member’s Hill, Heart Break Hill, Club House Turn, Spring House Row) and restricted areas (Lawn Boxes, Paddock) mobile children must have a badge.
  • Choose a designated driver IN ADVANCE
  • Display your parking pass from the rear view mirror before you enter the race grounds
  • Have all credentials ready to show at the gate check point and wear your badge at all times
  • Please use paper, plastic & cans whenever possible
  • Allow plenty of time for traffic and consider alternative routes
  • Buy General Admission badges from Harris Teeter (these go on sale the first week of April) – prices increase race day
  • Be mindful and courteous to your neighbors
  • Protect yourself – wear sun lotion and a hat.
  • Wear flat shoes!  This is a 300 acre farm so please be prepared for some walking.
  • We provide complimentary shuttles, but the lines can get long so pack your patience if you don’t want to walk!


  • Don’t bring tents, awnings, or standing umbrellas
  • No 3rd party vendors.  You may BYO or order through our preferred vendors.
  • Don’t overcrowd your tailgate space
  • No loud music
  • Don’t touch the horses. Race horses are beautiful but dangerous.
  • No pets. We love dogs but they will NOT be allowed entry.
  • No flags, banners, flyers, balloons, or solicitation materials. Do not encroach on other’s tailgate space
  • No Drones for the safety of all
  • Leave all glass at home (exception: beer & wine bottles). No bottles may be carried across the track.
  • No charcoal grills, no oil fryers, no smoking under tents–by order of the Fire Marshal.  Small propane camp stoves are allowed, but propane tanks must be smaller than 20 ounces.
  • Disorderly behavior or violation of our rules and policies will be grounds for removal from the premises.
  • If you are tailgating, we have a one-time in one-time out policy.  You may drive out and leave whenever you want, but you will not be allowed to go back to your tailgating space.  Security officials are in place to pull your parking pass when you leave.

Fire Marshall Rules & Regulations

  • Use of home patio-sized gas grills cannot be allowed on the grounds.

    Use of home patio-sized gas grills cannot be allowed on the grounds.

  • Propane tanks larger than 20 ounces are prohibited on the grounds.

    Propane tanks larger than 20 ounces are prohibited on the grounds.

  • Cooking with charcoal or wood will not be allowed on the grounds.

  • Any substance that produces hot embers, ash or smoke cannot be allowed on the grounds.

    Any substance that produces hot embers, ash or smoke cannot be allowed on the grounds.

  • For the safety of everyone, enjoy your time by using small grills with propane tanks that are 20 ounces or less.

Vehicle Guidelines

  • Limit one (1) vehicle per tailgate space
  • No drop-offs or re-entry within grounds
  • Trailers, golf carts, ATV’s, pull behind cookers, roof top carriers and vehicles with signage or wraps are prohibited
  • Call office for info on motorcycles and oversized vehicles including limos, shuttles, commercial vans and buses.
  • Parking is FREE in the General Admission lots.
  • FREE limited onsite shuttle service.  Shuttles will only stop at designated pick up and drop off points.

Our Policies

  • Races run rain or shine. Absolutely no refunds.
  • Gates open at 10:00 am. No early entry.
  • No Entry without Credentials.
  • Disorderly behavior of any kind or overcrowding of spaces will be grounds for removal from the premises.
  • No third party vendors allowed on premises.

Queens Cup Office


In Bloom, LTD


Party Reflections


Queen City Catering Company


For Emergencies

Dial 911, hail a Deputy, or contact a volunteer or Event Staff personnel. Inconvenienced by other Patrons? Please let us know immediately by contacting a Queen’s Cup volunteer or Event Staff personnel.

Lost & Found

Located at Brooklandwood Village & Member’s Hill Souvenir Tents. Anyone separated from their party should report to one of these tents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a general admission ticket get me into the tailgating areas?

    Yes with some restrictions. General admission ticket allows you access to all tailgate areas except Paddock Parking, Club House Turn, Member’s Hill and the Tree House.

  • Can I buy alcohol on the grounds?

    No, we do not sell alcohol on the grounds. You are welcome to bring your own, though we suggest you review our race-day tips & guidelines for more details.

  • Can I buy food on the grounds?

    There will be one food truck on the grounds in Brooklandwood Village (infield) and food and drink will be available for purchase. However, we encourage you to bring your own food, too!

  • Can I get a refund?

    All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued.

  • Can I leave my car parked overnight on Saturday?

    Yes, but you must pick up your car by Noon on Sunday (or risk being towed).

  • Can I bring an oversized vehicle into tailgating?

    We have vehicle size restrictions.  Please check the specific vehicle size for your tailgating area.  No limos or buses are allowed inside the gates except in designated areas and with special passes.  Please call the office for more information 704.843.7070. There are no vehicle size restrictions for Member’s Hill patrons.  

  • Can I set up the night before? 

    No, you may not enter or set up the Friday before the race.

  • When do the gates open for me to set up?

    Gates open at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

  • Can I pass out flyers or other promotional materials?

    No. Promotional flyers are not permitted.

  • Can someone pick up my tickets at will call on my behalf?

    No. Only the purchaser may pick up their credentials with proper ID.