Large Group Options

Priced with you in mind

Tents on the Rail for Large Groups

Do you have a group that is too large for our regular tailgating areas? Then we have a space for you!  Club House Turn, Spring House Row, and Heart Break Hill offer an incredible experience on the rail for your group of 20 or more.  All areas are sold as a package with tent, badges, and parking passes included.  These are fabulous options for your large group!

Club House Turn   

Want to entertain a group of 40 or more and be right on the rail in a very desirable area at turn 1 for a very affordable price? Then Club House Turn is just for you! This area offers great rail viewing in a relaxed setting. This comes with a large hospitality tent on the rail, all the guest badges with your logo on them, limited VIP Car Passes behind Club House Turn tents, additional parking in Lot AA, and a fenced lawn that offers you and your guests a fun and relaxed area to enjoy a day at the races. Catering through our preferred vendor is available in this area or you may BYO. No third party catering is allowed. Space is very limited so book early!

Spring House Row  

Spring House Row is the ideal area for the group that is just a little too large for our regular tailgating areas.  This is an oversized tailgating area on the rail just past turn one.  It provides great views of the racing action and the grounds.  Tent spaces are available for groups of 20 or 30.  Upgraded packages are available that include:  tables, linens, chairs, and food.  Click on Buy Now for more information.

Heart Break Hill  

Heart Break Hill is for non-profits organizations only, and is ideal for alumni groups, community organizations, or local charities. This is a great place to bring a large group together under one tent and can be done as a BYO or with a limited menu option offered by our exclusive caterer. (NOTE- no outside vendors are allowed on the grounds.)  Heart Break Hill is located at the top of Turn 3 and offers an exhilarating view as the horses as they come thundering up Heart Break Hill toward you before turning down the hill toward Turn 4.  Heart Break Hill is one of the best areas to enjoy the racing excitement and can accommodate groups from 30 to 200+. We provide convenient bus parking in our Green Spring Parking and a few parking spots near your tent for your set up team.  Space is very limited so book early.

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