Map & Directions

How do we get there if we don't know the way?

We make every effort in assuring traffic is flowing efficiently into the race grounds.

However, we strongly urge our Sponsors and their guests, PSL Holders, Subscribers and Horsemen to find alternate routes into Mineral Springs, particularly avoiding Waxhaw both coming and going. Traffic can be heavy from 11:00-12:30.


Aerial View of Grounds

  1. 1Valley View
  2. 2Spring House Row
  3. 3Club House Turn
  4. 4Lot AA
  5. 5GA Parking
  6. 6Will Call
  7. 7Gate #1
  8. 8Gate #3
  9. 9Member's Hill Parking
  10. 10Paddock
  11. 11Brooklandwood Village
  12. 12Croup
  13. 13Withers
  14. 14Crest
  15. 15Old Hilltop
  16. 16Treehouse
  17. 17Heart Break Hill
  18. 18Meadows Rail
  19. 19Meadows Back Row
  20. 20Green Spring Parking
  21. 21Gate #4

Directional Map

The following map highlights the gates (#1, #3 and #4) and the main roads to the Race Grounds.

Satellite directions map of Queen's Cup grounds

Gate 1 is for:

  • All General Admission patrons who have NOT purchased a tailgating space.
  • WILL CALL:  Those picking up badges and tailgating credentials.  Will Call will be open from 10:00am-1:30pm.
  • Those who DO have a car pass hangtag and it says CLUB HOUSE TURN, VALLEY VIEW, SPRING HOUSE ROW or HEART BREAK HILL.
  • All General Admission Parking, GA Shuttle Lot, and Lot AA parking.  If you do NOT have a tailgating car pass hangtag, you MUST park in the General Admission Lots. Your vehicle will not be allowed access to the tailgating areas.
  • If you have a tailgating car pass hangtag but your vehicle does NOT comply with the vehicle restrictions for that area, you will be required to park in the GA Shuttle Lot.
  • All ride share drop-offs and pick-ups.

 Gate 3 is for:

  • Patrons with MEMBER’S HILL (Lawn Box, Sponsor & ‘Chase Tent) parking pass hangtags, and  PADDOCK, MEADOWS, CREST, CROUP, OLD HILLTOP, WITHERS tailgating parking pass hangtags.
  • If you do NOT have a parking pass hangtag and only have General Admission tickets, you must enter through GATE 1 and park in the free General Admission parking lots.
  • All OTR and/or shipping into the STABLE area this is the gate you will use.
  • There is NO General Admission parking at Gate 3.

Gate 4 is for:

Patrons with a GREEN SPRING Parking Pass hangtag purchased in advance through our office.

The physical address for Gate 1

6103 Waxhaw Highway
Mineral Springs, NC 28108

The physical address for Gate 3

3830 Potter Road South
Mineral Springs, NC 28108

The physical address for Gate 4

6214 Old Waxhaw-Monroe Road
Monroe, NC 28112

Get Directions

All gates will be clearly marked. Follow the signs that correspond with the Gate number on your Car Pass. Please have your Car Pass displayed visibly in your car window for the volunteers to direct you to your parking space.