The Voice of the Conductor

So, I think it is fair to say that The Queen’s Cup is a great day out. It has wonderful horses and good money on offer. In that, there are plenty of other things and activities on the day to keep people interested. Take all that into consideration and we feel we represent a top-class day out but maybe not one that will be heard around the world – yet.

However, there is one part of the day that is a world leader and you will, quite literally, hear it around the world. That is our race caller, Mark Johnson.

For anyone who was in attendance at the 22nd Queen’s Cup, I’m sure you heard the maestro in full flight and can attest to his brilliance. For those of you that have heard Mark Johnson before, he takes the calling of a race and brings it close to an art form. Mark has the ability to control the audience and their attention just like a conductor at a symphony. You could turn your back to the action and still know exactly what is happening. Mark can make the hairs stand on the back of your neck. Mark is that good!

A Voice Heard Around the World

Honestly, we could go on about how magnificent Mark Johnson is, but we don’t have to. His record speaks for itself. Mark is the first and only non-American to call The Kentucky Derby, which he has done 5 times. “The Voice” has called many Epsom Derby’s too, that is the oldest and most prestigious of all the derby’s. His reputation and talent meant that he has called the English Grand National many times with all 40 starters. He has called races all over the world including France, Spain, Qatar and the tiny island off the coast of Britain, Jersey. Mark is even on the board of directors for the horse racing in Jersey, such is his love for the sport.

In the end, we are the lucky ones to hear him at his best at The Queen’s Cup and we simply cannot wait to hear him at it all again next year. Don’t miss out. See you at the races.