The Living is Easy

Summer time and the living is easy.

The Queen’s Cup is not too dissimilar to the rest of the region in that we like summer too. We love the nice weather. Don’t like it too hot and would prefer if the nice fall weather stayed around forever. However, we know that it would be a little too much to ask for. But have you ever taken a second to think, how does the really hot summer weather affect and venue that relies on the health of its turf to operate. Something like the Queen’s Cup or a golf course or even the football fields that we are all gearing up to watch.


The truth is that blistering hot days and humid nights are just as difficult for turf as they are for us. Unfortunately, we can’t just switch on the air conditioning. That said, here at The Queen’s Cup, we have our own ways of dealing with it. First off, that great big pond you all see when you’re at the races, well that supplies our underground irrigation system. We can’t turn this on in the heat of day because it would cook the grass so we turn it on in the very early morning. This allows the turf enough time to soak it up and be prepared for the hot day. We will then use a tool called an aerator. This piece of equipment is used to open the turf and loosen the ground before it sets and becomes like concrete.


Beyond that, one of the things that will go completely unnoticed until it’s too late is how well the bugs and grubs do in this weather. All the flying insects that you see in your back yard. Well, each one of those must lay their eggs somewhere and where is better than the lush turf of the Queen’s Cup? Those little guys burrow into the ground, lay their eggs and next thing we notice is grass dying for no reason. What we try to do as much as possible is to pay very close attention to the condition of the turf and as soon as we see something that doesn’t look right, we jump on it.


As far as this goes, we cannot express our gratitude for our partners here at the Queen’s Cup. TruGreen and Mineral Springs Fertilizer have been wonderful in helping us solve the issue this year. Without them we would be in serious trouble but like always they come up trumps and help us solve the problem. The track remains in wonderful condition thanks, in large part to our partners. Thank you!


As always, we pride ourselves on having beautiful turf. Here’s hoping next year will be no different. See you at the races.