Thank you, Jim.

In the mid 1600’s, Sir Issac Newton said “If I have seen further than you, it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants”. This has never been more true than when talking about the impact on the Queen’s Cup of W.J. Price IV (Jim Price). Born in 1924 and passing in 2018 would be enough of an achievement all by itself. But for Jim, he made the exceptional look achievable and made the ordinary man feel like he could be anything.

A solider, both figuratively and literally. Jim fought for all that good and great in the USA all his life. Serving during WWII when his tour was cut short with injury, Jim returned to the USA and after a long recovery began to really put his stamp on the world. When Bill and Carrington decided that they wanted to run a steeplechase here at Brooklandwood, it was Jim that made sure it happened.

This is not an obituary, there are far better people than me to write that. I am however a young man who now serves the Queen’s Cup because Jim created something that allows me to do so. Simply put, everything we enjoy today is because Jim and his wife Midge (Marjorie) had the vision and generosity to help make it happen.

Bill Price (W.J. Price V) is a great man, a visionary, a “envelope pusher” if you like. A kind and generous man, who would be the first one to say that his greatest mentor was his dad. The 2019 Queen’s Cup will be run on honor of Jim and Midge Price. I say this to say that every Queen’s Cup is run in their honor but this one will be particularly poignant for those that knew him best.

On behalf of all who have attended or plan to attend over the coming years, Thank you, we’ll see you at the races.