Queens Cup Art – More Than Meets The Eye

Every year of the Queens Cup we like to commission an original piece of art for the event. 2017 is no different. Sometimes you get to see the races in all their glory, other times you will see the party that is happening. This year, our artwork created by the talented John Springer, Jr., is a piece that literally jumps at you.

John, is a 26-year artist who was born in Columbus, GA, and transplanted to Charlotte as an 8-year-old boy. A lover of the outdoors and teaching, John found a passion for art while he was in high school. John is now a full-time commissioned artist and we consider ourselves lucky to have had him paint our art for the 2017 Queens Cup.

“When you see what John has created, you realize straight away that, yes, thoroughbreds can gallop but they can also fly,”

stated Business Development Director, Kevin Tobin. “When you observe the facial expressions of the horses, it is clear that the only ones who love the racing more than we do, are the horses. Eyes on the prize, so to speak.”

In This Case, Art Imitates Life

The art itself is a simple picture created from a photograph taken by professional sports photographer, Tod Marks. The painting that John has mastered exudes passion and almost has the horses jumping into the fire of competition. The fence below the horses’ bodies is an obstacle but looks more like a take-off board for these incredible animals. To put things into perspective, horses will easily clear 25 feet in one leap at racing pace. John has brought the competition and action to life.

We will all get to see the artwork on the last Saturday of April at the 2017 Queens Cup, as the image is on all General Admission badges. Here at The Queens Cup, we are honored and grateful to John Springer and his talent for the fabulous piece he has given us.

See you at the races, where we can watch those horses fly.