Tailgating - Tailgating Space Only



(Please note 2024 changes)

  •  As purchaser of this tailgate package you are herein considered “the Host”
  • Located in the middle of the Infield Tailgating Hill these 3 rows of nose-to-nose tailgate spaces are the least expensive tailgate option.
  • The Crest has a festive atmosphere as the spaces are close together but are not likely to offer viewing of the racing.The Crest is centrally located and an easy walk to Brooklandwood Village, the pony rides, and the Corgi races, and is a short walk to the rail to watch the racing up close.
  • Each Crest Tailgate accommodates a maximum of 12 patrons per space
  • Your package comes with (1) Crest Parking Pass to park 1 vehicle at your tailgate and (2) Patron Badges
  • ALL patrons joining your tailgate, regardless of age, must have and wear their own Patron Badge, which must be purchased by the Host. (1) Patron Parking Pass will be given for every 4 extra badges ordered, for a Maximum of (2) Patron Parking Passes total.  All Vehicles must have a Vehicle Pass to enter the gates 
  • The Host has the option to purchase up to (2) Green Spring Vehicle Parking Passes for the convenience of your guest patrons. The Green Spring Lot is just a 5 -7 minute walk to the Infield Tailgating areas.
  • No patron-supplied tents, awnings, canopies or umbrellas are allowed.
  • Vehicle restrictions apply.  No vehicle higher than 7ft or longer than 18ft will be allowed in this tailgate area.

Each Crest Tailgate package includes:

  • 2 Patron Badges
  • 1 vehicle pass for 1 car to park at your tailgating area. (Gate directions will be on the back of your parking pass)
  • 12’x20′ assigned tailgating area that will accommodate 12 people (Every guest must have their own badge-Tailgate hosts must purchase the necessary badges for their guests)

Space Assignments:  Unless you own a PSL (Private Space License), your tailgating space will be randomly assigned and will be noted on your parking pass.

Please Note: Once ordered, there are No Refunds. Races Run Rain or Shine!

Sorry! This item is sold out.

Restrictions: You may have a maximum of 12 people in one Crest tailgating space. ALL patrons joining your tailgate, regardless of age, must have and wear their own Patron Badge. For groups larger than 12, you may purchase multiple spaces up to a maximum of 4.  (Please let us know if you would like these spaces nose-to-nose or side-by-side.) No vehicles taller than 7ft or longer than 18ft will be allowed. No tents, canopies, awnings or umbrellas are allowed. All patrons must have and wear badges at all times. All vehicle require a parking pass to enter the property.  RACES RUN RAIN OR SHINE.  ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.