Oh, Say Can You See

The fun and games, meeting, greeting and the pageantry all start in Brooklandwood when the clock strikes 10 on the morning of April 29th. But, when we hear the familiar bars that signal the start of the Star-Spangled Banner, it is only then that we know the show has begun.

Like all of you, we have heard our National Anthem in dozens of venues and sporting events. Also like you, our hair will stand on end, and for some, even a tear will form with pride. Although it only lasts a very short time, it means so much to so many.

By The Dawn’s Early Light

Then we heard Maddie Huecker sing it in a way that made us feel all those things and more. Maddie, a native of Mooresville, NC., and a Brawley middle school student has what some might describe as “The X Factor.” The 12-year-old, Ms. Huecker, has commanded the attention of proud fans and spectators at events like The Carolina Panthers, The Charlotte Knights and NASCAR. A young veteran of the spotlight, Maddie has also signaled the start of the 2016 Queen’s Cup and is going to do the same this year.

Although the National Anthem does not change from one rendition to another, let me tell you, Maddie does it differently. A voice that has been blessed and the ability to use that talent and then to do it on the big day. I can assure you, the rockets red flair and the bombs bursting in air have never sounded so good.

See you at the races.