Moving Parts for a Moving Day

As any of the Queen’s Cup faithful will be aware, the grounds on race day are a sight to behold. There are flags and banners, hats and bow ties galore and the Brooklandwood Racecourse looks spectacular to say the least. With all that noted, there are some interesting facts about the venue that may interest you.

The infield which is a full 40 acres or the equivalent to 12 blocks of uptown Charlotte. That’s a lot of grass that needs mowing. Not to mention that the race track itself is a full 13.1 acres and can take up to 3 hours to mow and it is irrigated by a 4-acre pond with over 1 million gallons of water in it at any one time.

Members Hill or what was once known as Bill’s Hill is what was created when over 1.8 million cubic feet of dirt was moved to create the landscape that we are so proud of today.

The fences that the horses jump take over 5 hours to assemble and ground maintenance will take place up until dark the night before the races.

Over 270 tents are erected before race day. In fact, the grounds start being prepared a full 3 weeks before the last Saturday of April. Some of the other equipment needed include, 20+ golf carts, 6 ATV’s, 4 4×4 trucks, 3 ambulances, 75+ radios and well over 100 flags. All our vendors will also have use of over 150 bathrooms.

There are some 1,000 name plates put out around the grounds to identify one space from another and all of these are put up by our wonderful “Staplechase” committee.

All in all, the Queen’s Cup is our pride and joy. It moves us beyond words and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing 10.000+ happy people enjoy the last Saturday of every April. I guess it’s fair to say that there are quite a few moving parts needed to make it happen.

See you at the races #thegreatestshowonturf