A lifetime of the Queen's Cup

With the Queen’s Cup going into its 23rd year, it has already lived a long life. In fact, since the Queen’s Cup first day out in 1995, the event has been around for some pretty historical moments.

Since 1995, the Queen’s Cup has seen 4 Presidents, a financial crisis, Pathfinder landing on Mars, the birth of the iPhone and the death of Steve Jobs. It has seen France win the soccer world cup and a triple crown winner in American Pharaoh.


During all this, the Queen’s Cup has been consistently an integral part of Mineral Springs, Union and Mecklenburg Counties and western North Carolina. Since 1995 nearly 250,000 have come through the gates of Brooklandwood and around $800,000 has been given to local charities.


You would be forgiven for thinking that for an event like this, with its consistency and sustainability, that there must be a big team of highly qualified staff whose sole focus is to run this amazing day in April. The truth and reality are much different. The skeleton staff here at the Queen’s Cup consists of 5 people. 2 of those are volunteers, 2 more are part time and only one member of staff is full time.


Admittedly, May, June and July can be reasonably quiet here but make no mistake, making sure that 13,000 people, 40 horses and 305 acres of land, do not take care of themselves.


Here’s hoping that our next 23 will be as good. See you all at the races.