A busy Time

Here at The Queen’s Cup around the beginning of November is probably as far away from our spring races as you can get. One could be forgiven for thinking that all is quiet at the region’s largest one spot tailgate.

It is, in fact, one of our busiest times. On the home front, we have just rebuilt a main supporting wall at the foot of Member’s Hill, which you will all see on race day. And needless to say, that has caused the grass around it to need some help. We are hoping you don’t notice that at all on race day. On from that, we have also replaced a line of trees along the bottom tier of the Lawn Boxes. This you will definitely notice but it is a sing of the future growth of what it is we are doing. We have now put in over 300 new bushes that we hope we be smiling down on the winners of the Queen’s Cup for many, many years.

Outside of Brooklandwood its been even busier. As you know, we pride ourselves on being a community organization and recently we invited the local and not so local community onto the racecourse for an afternoon of bluegrass and fancy cars. We had nearly 500 folks from near and far show up and to our delight, quite a lot of those people had never been before. To greet them when they got here we had 10 exotic cars managed by Foreign Cars Charlotte and a wonderful Bluegrass Band Called Time Sawyer. Honestly, you should check both of these out. You will not regret it. During our Fall Festival, we managed to give away some spots at the races and will be super excited to see all those race goers on April 28th next year.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Our biggest reason for being is our mission to raise money for local and regional charities. And as most of you know, The Alzheimer’s Association of Western NC has been our beneficiary for the last 4 years. Now that we are headed to our 5th year The Alzheimer’s Association, we want to support them more than ever and that lead us to The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The Queen’s Cup had a team of around 10 walkers and to date has managed to raise just under $4,500 and you have until December 31st to donate to team Queen’s Cup and help us reach our goal of $6,000. Beyond that, the Charlotte chapter of the walk ranks 22nd in the country and is headed towards their goal of $600,000.00. An Amazing achievement.

It really is a wonderful time of year and although the excitement of spring hasn’t kicked in yet, we know this upcoming year will be our best ever. We can’t wait to see you all at the races.