A Holiday Wish, or Two

It was the month before Christmas…. you know how it all goes. But here at Queen’s Cup central all of our elves and even Mr. and Mrs Clause are crossing our fingers for some wishes this season.

1, We are hoping and wishing and asking for nice weather again on race day. 2018 was spectacular. It was mid 70’s with low humidity and some air moving. The sun dresses and suits were on full show and everyone had the best time. I know from walking around that if we get the same weather this coming year, it will be just as much fun as last year.

2, We desperately want you to come and join us in that weather on race day. 2018 was packed, our busiest year since 2007. I think we can go better again in 2019. There were very few spaces to be had on race day in 2018 and I suspect that next year will be much the same. And don’t forget that the more of you that come, the more we can help our charity, The Alzheimer’s Association. Which takes me neatly onto my next wish.

3, One of our biggest Christmas wishes, is that we can continue and even increase our giving to charity. Right now we are sitting just below $900,000.00 in giving for the lifetime of the Queen’s Cup. I can also tell you that among the team here, the giving is a huge reason as to why we are involved in the event to begin with. Don’t forget that the goal is to cross the $1m mark in 2020.

4, Lastly, our most important wish is that you and yours, us and ours all have a safe and loving Christmas. It is one of the most loving times we get to experience and it is also tremendous when we all can share it together. For so many, this Christmas will be tough and hard and ultimately, we hope that for you, it is a spacial one.

Thank you all and see you at the races.