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Heartbreak Hill

Heart Break Hill is for non-profits, alumni groups, and homeowner associations. Over the years we have been approached by non-profit groups to consider opening an area on the racecourse that would bring large groups together under one tent, provide convenient bus parking, and offer some of the best views on the racecourse.  We listened!  Heart Break Hill is one of the best areas to enjoy the racing excitement, and can accommodate groups from 30 to 200+.  Space is limited so book early.  This area is only for recognized college alumni chapters, certified associations, church groups, and recognized 501(c)3/4 non-profit organizations.

Heartbreak Hill

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Call our Office at (704) 843-7070, or contact us below, to learn about the various options.  For all other rental, catering, and floral needs, please contact our Official Vendors as no third party deliveries are allowed anywhere on the race grounds.

Please note that your tailgating space may not be used to promote your business therefore please do not display signs or banners with your company name or logo or hand out information concerning your business.