What To Wear And Look the Part

Saturday, April 25, 2020

This is a Family Event.

Attire on the racecourse is somewhat casual though many show up in sun dresses for ladies and dress shirts, sport coats, bow ties, khakis and polo shirts for men. Jeans are rarely seen at the Queen’s Cup. Since it’s a dressy kind of venue and it’s outdoors, many men and women wear hats but it’s not required! Due to the terrain, which is grassy and undulating, flat soled shoes are highly recommended but stiletto heels are not.  Shirts are required at all times.  

Member's Hill & Paddock Tailgate Area

We encourage guests on Member’s Hill and the Paddock to wear dressy clothes, i.e. jacket and tie and long slacks for men while ladies are encouraged to wear sun dresses, skirts or dressy slacks. We recommend hats for all at the Queen’s Cup but it’s not required. Because we’re in the South, we often see linen suits, Seersucker and the “Queen’s Cup” Panama hat are traditionally worn by men.

While the Paddock Tailgate Area is a little more casual, still expect to see patrons “dressed to Impress”.

Please Note: jeans and shorts are not permitted on Member’s Hill.

Other Tailgaters and those coming to
the General Admission area

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing but we see people dressing up due to the nature of the event. After all, it’s an annual and prestigious horse race similar to the KY Derby.  Shirts are required at all times.  

Rain or Shine,
the Queen's Cup carries on

The Queen’s Cup goes on regardless of the weather, so be prepared for the sun, the rain and anything in between. But please note; erecting personal tents, awnings or standing umbrellas are not allowed.